This site is dedicated to showcasing some interesting facts and articles about motorbike races, in the hopes that those who visit will be able to learn new information about the subject. Our articles are easy to read so that they can be enjoyed by everyone.

  • Our Audience

Anyone can enjoy this site. Those who are interested in buying bike equipment and motorbikes will find the information here particularly useful. There is also a section of slot games with a racing theme. This is of use to website developers and graphic designers. There are several pages that focus on Japanese motorbikes in particular. For this reason those who are interested in the bikes of this region are in for a real treat.

  • Types of pages

Though this is a specialist site hopefully there is something for everyone. Some pages deal with motorbike accessories such as jackets and gloves. These are useful because they give you tips on what to know before you consider buying these types of items.

There are also pages that tell you the best Japanese bikes and bike manufacturers. We give details on some of the most popular models of Japanese bikes. Anyone who is interested in knowing more about these types of vehicle or want advice on which ones to buy should give these sections a read.

Japanese bike racing is the focus of a number of articles on this site. They tell you about Japanese circuits and races. The purpose of this site is for people to read these pages and leave having learnt something new.

  • Why motorbikes?

This is a universally enjoyed activity which is a hobby of people across the world. Even those who have never rode a bike can appreciate the aesthetics and engineering of these vehicles. For this reason the theme of motorbikes was chosen.

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