Auto Race

Auto Race is the name of a Japanese motorbike speedway race. Gambling is a large part of the sport. Before the race its riders are contractually required to stay with the other racers in a dormitory. During this time the racers can only be in contact with the other 500 riders. This is in order to prevent any fixing of the race, which the sport has had a controversial history of.

The race takes place on tarmac tracks. The bikes only have two gears and no brakes. Stability is maintained due to the bikes left handlebar being higher than its right. The riders then lean on to this side while banking on the oval circuit.

When a rider decides to take up the race they can often be away from home for six months. A typical race will involve eight riders. The race is known for its short length which is on average no longer than three minutes. Those who participate in races are often given their own nickname, similar to professional wrestling.

The race has six laps and the riders are trained in official schools that specialise in the sport. In order to become a qualified racer in the sport they must first pass this training course. Racing positions are given by how well their grade is in their course examination results. Each rider is identified by their shirt colour and racer number.

Auto Racers are well paid when compared to other motorbike racers around the world. However they are not considered celebrities, nor are they given sponsorship endorsements by companies. An exception to this rule is Mitsuo Abe, who is known throughout the world for being the father of racing celebrity Norifumi.

The Auto Race is one of the most exciting sports of Japanese motorbike racing and renowned for this reason.

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