Best Japanese motorbikes


This bike is popular for its low maintenance and simple functionality. It is a compact yet versatile and responsive motorbike. Its twin cylinder engine and light chassis give it a sporty performance when it comes to handling. It’s suspension is ideal for long travel. This, coupled with its comfortable feel when riding makes it a beloved choice by riders. The modern, strong windshield helps to protect the rider from winds during journeys. Its versatility is also lauded by riders. It is ideal for both road and all terrain conditions. It has something for everyone.


This is more of a street bike that is favoured by those who ride daily, as well as bikers who only ride infrequently. It is an ideal choice for someone who wants a beginner’s bike that they will still be able to use in the future. In other words it is a bike for those who want a long term investment. The parallel twin engine is powerful and gives a performance that is both smooth and steady. Like the Kawasaki this bike is also comfortable. This, plus its sporty look make it a popular model.


This is one of the most iconic of Japanese motorbikes. Its modern and sleek design combine classic style with modern technology. It was manufactured in 2017 and has already exploded in the market and become a massive hit. Its performance is enhanced when compared to older models. it has fantastic fuel economy and a lightweight body. Its engineering means that a rider is less likely to stall. This is because the engine speed is automatically lowered at certain takeoffs and when the bike is at low speed. For a bike that is both innovative and convenient it is hard to find a better bike than this model.

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