Motegi Circuit

The Motegi circuit is one of Japan’s most iconic tracks for motorcycle racing. It was built by Honda. Its original purpose was to showcase Honda’s products but has now grown into a spectacular race track in its own right.

It has an oval circuit which has become the standard for races on motorbikes. Motegi had its own first racing event of international proportions in 1998. The Champ Car series had a race there and drivers found the tight, unusual turning structure of the circuit difficult to manoeuvre in. The circuit is better suited for motorbikes.

Motegi Circuit is popular as a track for the racing of motorbikes. The Moto GP visits Motegi once every year. This has been the norm for years, to the point where it has now formed a headline international event.

There are other motorbike races that have utilised the track due to its ideal nature. From between 2000 to 2003 the Pacific Motorcycle Grand Prix took place there. It has also been the host of the Japanese Motorcycle Grand Prix since the 2004 season.

This track has evolved from its humble beginnings as a corporate pet product. Even though Honda originally dreamt up the circuit as a way of exposing the public to their products, it has now grown beyond just a structure built for marketing purposes.

It is now an important part of Japanese motorbike racing in its own right. It is important to note that the circuit was built specifically for motorcyclists to enjoy their bikes. This purpose has certainly been achieved. Motegi shows that Japan is one of the leading countries when it comes to creating facilities for motorbike races.

It took ten years for the Motegi Circuit to finally become a reality. The fruits of Honda’s labour are clear for all to see.

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