Motorbike Equipment

There are several essential pieces of motorbike equipment to make prolonged riding possible.

Blow dryer

Keeping a motorcycle clean is important to maintain it and keep it in working order. For this reason all motorcycle riders should own a blow dryer specific for the task. A blower dryer will help blast away any excess dirt or debris that may have gotten in contact with the bike.

Motorcycle boots

This piece of equipment will be worn by riders everyday. It cannot be exaggerated just how important they are. They protect riders both from everyday riding and in the unfortunate event of a crash. For this reason it is crucial that boots are up to scratch.

Many brands and models have moulded ankle protection which other types of boots do not have.

They are also often double or even triple stitched. The reason for this is so that the boots do not come apart during a crash. This stops the rider’s feet from becoming any more damaged.

One unfortunate aspect of motorcycle boots is that they are often quite expensive. However it is always best to invest in high quality boots as they are an essential, everyday item.

Motorcycle gloves

Protection of the hands when riding is of the upmost importance. Riders will often be exposed to extreme temperatures and winds while out on the road. For this reason a good, high quality glove should be worn on each hand at all times.

Hands control the bike and should be comfortable. Pain or discomfort can be a distraction which could cost a rider dearly. The glove should fit as if it were a second skin. The heel of the palm of a motorcycle glove is usually heavy. This is because the material is thicker due to this part of the hand being the first thing to have impact during a crash.

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