Motorbike Jackets

A motorbike jacket will protect the body of the rider and is an essential item. They can come as one piece or two piece suits. Choosing which suit is right for you is the first step to deciding what jacket to buy.

  • One piece

These protect the entire body and fit close to the skin of the rider. This means that the wind will not flap the suit when it is being worn on a ride. This type is favoured by racers.

  • Two piece

This flexible option separates the jacket and trousers. This type is favoured by more casual riders. They also have more pockets which can give riders increased storage space.


  • Leather

This thick material gives the rider protection from abrasions.

  • Combination materials

More and more motorcycle jacket manufacturers are using a mixture of leather and textile. The textile weave provides added comfort. Meanwhile the leather is used to cover and give added protection to the more vulnerable areas of the body.

  • Textile

Some riders prefer a jacket solely made from a synthetic textile. This gives the wearer added breathability and water resistance.


Black is one of the most popular colour choices for motorbike riders. However this can give them low visibility in less lit areas. Motorists may not be able to see the rider very well which in turn can contribute to a potential crash.

For this reason it is advisable for riders to choose a more recognisable colour, such as orange or yellow. Some jackets come with reflective panels which are also ideal for increasing rider safety.


It can be more cost effective to buy a jacket second hand. However, this runs the risk of being less safe. It is important to remember that an older jacket was made to the safety regulations of past years and may not be up to modern standards.

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