Slots and Motorbikes

Slots are one of the most popular forms of internet casino games. When a website developer is hired by the site owner to build a slot game there are several design decisions to be made by them. First and foremost is what the game theme should be about. One of the most ideal themes is motorbike races.

Why Motorbike Races?

An online game needs to draw the player in. It has to convey a sense of excitement. There are not many better ways of doing this than by utilising sports iconography. It is important for developers of Online casino games to utilise the best software available. This does not only go for the interface aspect of the site, but also the graphic design elements.

With modern software graphic designers can create their own bike illustrations and related iconography. They can let their imagination roam free and create art work to really lure in potential players.


APKPure’s slot game, Motorcycle Slots is a prime example of how to use the bike theme effectively. The game uses images of motorbikes, helmets, gloves and other images associated with the theme. An image of a red Japanese style bike dominates the foreground and appears as if it is going to drive right out of the screen.

Behind the bike are dozens of gold coins falling from the top of the frame and landing onto the ground. It gives a sense of wealth and prosperity to those who are considering playing it. A pit race girl is standing next to the slots, as if she is enticing the players to look at them. She is wearing yellow which makes our eyes become drawn to her.

It is a perfect case study for those who want to create a slot game with a motorbike race theme.

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