The best Japanese motorbike brands


Kawasaki has been a popular manufacturer since 1963. Their motto is “Let the good times roll” and this is definitely shown in the high quality of their motorbikes. The KLR and Ninja are the jewels in the crown of Kawasaki’s vast catalog of bikes. They are ideal for those who are just beginning to ride. For many, they are considered the finest motorbike company not just in Japan, but the whole world. This is for good reason.


This Japanese company has been manufacturing bikes for slightly longer than Kawasaki. They first started rolling them out in 1955. By 1982, they had grown into the most popular brand for motorbikes. They were shipping out nearly three million bikes in then. They have continued to grow ever since. Their reliable models make them the go-to company for bikers of all experience levels. The CB500 is their most popular of models.


Founded in 1955, Yamaha has evolved into one of the world’s leading motorbike brands. They have gained recognition in the world of racing. This is thanks in part to the brand’s participation in the Moto Grand Prix. Valentino Rossi raced for Yamaha, showcasing just how impressive their engineering of bikes is. The YZF-R6 is lauded by many. It has grown into Yamaha’s most successful and popular model.


This is one of the oldest of the listed companies. Suzuki was first founded in 1909. However it was not until 1952, that they began to manufacture motorbikes. 10 years after they began this production, their brand participated in sports racing. Suzuki has remained a contender in the Moto Grand Prix ever since. Today, they are one of the sports most strong and successful brands. The GSX-R750 is a favourite among fans of Suzuki. This is due to its speed and versatility.

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